The Efficiency MiniGame

by Great Game Team Employee Engagement Business and Financial Literacy

Rolf Glass is a small manufacturer of decorative glassware in Pennsylvania that takes blank glassware and decorates it in one of many ways.

When the company first began teaching the Critical Numbers to its employees, the leadership at Rolf Glass noticed that there was a lot of room for improvement. In 2013, it was running at an average 88 percent efficiency, thus losing 12 percent of product.

In fact, if the company could operate at 100 percent efficiency, it would generate another $144,000 in profit in a single year.

To drive employees to work toward 100 percent efficiency, Rolf Glass designed a MiniGame, which took on the theme of a 9-hole golf course. Each hole represented a single week in the MiniGame, and each milestone on the course represented the opportunity to achieve one of many rewards for hitting set goals.

Take a look at how Rolf Glass, a glass manufacturer out of Pennsylvania, was able to achieve and earn an additional $28,000 in just 9 weeks, operating at an outstanding 98 percent efficiency!

Watch this video now to hear about the company’s success story. Plus, learn how this high level of efficiency lasted well beyond the nine weeks of the efficiency game.

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