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As the UK and Europe’s leading practitioner of Open Book Management, I’d like to invite you to join us to see why Stellar Europe have been awarded the Great Game of Business; Best Open Book Management Company in the UK for 2013 & 2014 & 2015 and created a winning culture within their organisation.


Join us at Stellar Europe in Irvine, Ayrshire to see the Great Game in action.


We are now offering Great Game Experiences at Konditor&Cook, London:

"Konditor & Cook is a 21st Century family-run cake business. Since 1993 the company has shared its passion for baking with Londoners to earn the deservedly legendary status it enjoys today. With its six stores across London, a same day cake delivery service, and a Cake School, there is no better place to share in the joy of cake than Konditor & Cook."

and Saueressig, Bristol:

"Since 1953 SAUERESSIG is one of Europe’s leading companies in the printing and finishing industry. Creative and complete solutions for various industrial sectors are firm pillars of our company.

In addition, we develop roller systems especially made to meet the individual requirements of our clients for the processing of roll to roll materials, like films for example, and we also design and install the corresponding special machine on request."

Through interactive sessions with their people, Stellar will share how they have quickly transformed the performance of their organisation and significantly improve the working lives of all their employees by using the Great Game of Business. Find out how they have increased their competitiveness while also creating a winning culture which has resulted in:

Workshop Highlights

  • See what it takes to become the UK’s Best Open Book Management Company
  • Learn the fundamental principles and practices of open-book management
  • Discover how The Game can be adapted to fit any organization.

Who Should Attend

  • Key influencers at companies beginning to explore open-book management.
  • Entrepreneurs determining if open-book management is right for their organization.
  • New and current employees at open-book companies.
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